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Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:44 am
by Geoff H
122964344309 [ebay][/ebay]

This is interesting convinced himself that he has an early 3B and not mahindra or mitsu

chassis No says CJ3B and with a P on the end it may be Mahindra

its 2 wheel drive and easier on the steering yet front diff still on ?

strange one this what you say ?


Re: 3B?

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:41 pm
by Eviejeep
Seems fairly desperate to get rid of it, already knocked £3k off it and keeps adding To the description.

The body lift to allow the short hood to be used makes it look ridiculous, you could carry passengers in those rear arches.

No 4wd either, I prefer my Mindy thanks and could have 3 of them for the price.