Hi Everyone, new to the site and the Mahindra, can you help!

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Hi Everyone, new to the site and the Mahindra, can you help!

Post by richardburnett » Sat Nov 21, 2015 3:52 pm

Hi everyone, I am an English guy living on a mountain in Tuscany and under some strange circumstances I have just swapped a ton of firewood for a Mahindra CJ 340!
I saw the car buried under a tarp for a number of years and when I heard that the owner had died, I contacted his widow who said that she hated the car and just wanted it out the way, so I was happy to oblige!
I went to the house prepared to trailer it back, but was astonished to fined that it started first time and drove well, so I drove it back up the mountain to my house! I know for a fact that the car had not been driven for at least 10 years!
The car was covered with dust and dirt, but cleaned up well enough and I intend to do a restoration job over the winter, but it drives very well and has only 29k Kms on the clock.
My idea was just to use it for Offroad ( we have 100s of Kms of Offroad here, without the need of going on a public road), but it seems a shame not to drive it around locally, so I need to try and track down some more details about the car. I am lucky in that it is an English car that arrived here with UK Diplomatic plates via Germany and I even have the DVLC Logbook!
The Log book says that it was made in 1994 and registered in the UK in April 1994, but I suspect that the car may be older than that.
The Chassis number is 389398DN09134 and if anyone could tell me the actual date of manufacture, it would be most appreciated!
As I hope to try and persuade the Italian registry that it is a Classic vehicle (which of course it is)!!!

The worst part of the car is that it has a cracked windscreen and if I want to try and register it here, I will need to try and source a replacement - does anyone know if there is an easy fix (I guess shipping glass from India may be an issue)!

I have used the car a few times on our land and I am really quite impressed with the fairly light and direct steering and as I guess you all can appreciate - it is great fun!

Anyway, I am feeling pretty happy about my swap and the Jeep will live alongside my Jeep TJ!


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Re: Hi Everyone, new to the site and the Mahindra, can you h

Post by Falstaff » Tue Nov 24, 2015 4:52 pm

The best bet for a windscreen is to contact the Tuscan equivalent of Autoglass and see if they will make one for you from another flat glass screened vehicle. Best by far to get them to fit it in the frame as well, they are fairly fragile. These days even a glass merchant will replace most laminated windows although I don't know how that stacks up with the EU CE marking system. Another source would be construction plant repair companies, they used to make their own replacements for dozers etc. and probably still do for old agricultural and plant equipment. Good Luck!

Regards, Falstaff.

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Re: Hi Everyone, new to the site and the Mahindra, can you h

Post by kev » Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:39 pm

Hi and welcome to Alans site
try a search on the site some were we did a date check and we had people give there chassis number and age of jeep

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Re: Hi Everyone, new to the site and the Mahindra, can you h

Post by stephen » Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:46 pm

dunno if this is any help in dating your Mindie.
These details are as stamped on my Aussie spec. Mahindra.
[manufactured December 1989]

CHASSIS No. : MBE 340 DP BK DM 25112
ENGINE NO. : DM - 25112
SERIAL No. : 376119 12-89
(I'm one of those damn colonials rattling his chains)

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Re: Hi Everyone, new to the site and the Mahindra, can you help!

Post by TopCat » Thu Oct 13, 2016 5:33 pm

What a lovely story!

Lucky you living on a Mountain in Tuscany!

please give us an update?
Kind Regards

Hal the Black prince- CJ540 Mahindra Jeep

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