A word of warning

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A word of warning

Post by Alan » Wed Apr 09, 2008 6:34 pm

This is a bit of an emotive subject but I need to state my own opinion about it. The following video prompted this post.

Watch This

Amusing ? Frightening ? The guy in the Video was very very lucky. He got away with wet upholstery, a ruined video camera and a swamped engine. What he really got away with was his LIFE.

There are 'organisations' out there that will take you out on a guided laning trip in your own car for a fee of around £40. Not a bad idea you’d think but it all goes wrong very quickly because they feel they need to lay on an 'event' which you think is worth the fee you paid. Aside from their public liability insurance requirements, you have to consider the possibility that you may be deemed to be uninsured by your own insurers (your on a paid event) You also have to consider the 'skills' the organiser has in this type of event. Putting it bluntly, give an inexperienced driver a highly modified 4x4 and they will make some of the most difficult terrain look easy to traverse. Give that same driver a standard vehicle and they get into some serious difficulties very quickly. The skill for the ‘guide’ is in spotting what the vehicle can do too and adjusting what is attempted on the event. If your guide can’t see the difference then he’s putting your car and your life in danger. I refer to the video above, this was a paid laning trip and the guy floating away has very little ‘offroad’ driving experience and was in a standard Cherokee …

If you fancy some laning then look for your local clubs who are regularly organising laning days for free. Or tag along with a mate who’s done it before when they go off for the day. As I'm sure other members will confirm, I am more than happy to take people on 'laning trips' and more to the point I wouldn't dream of charging for it. I think this is by far and away the best way to get into laning. You get to see lanes you never knew existed and you get to learn 4x4 driving techniques in a gentle learning environment. There is NO pressure on the 'leader' to provide 'entertainment' for the 'event', its just friends out for the day participating in an activity with NO pressure to do anything YOU don't feel comfortable with.

The moral of this post is that paid laning doesn’t mean safe laning….. in all possibility it could mean added danger.

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Re: A word of warning

Post by jeepmadmike » Sat May 04, 2013 8:46 pm

That's what having good door seals does for you! They needed to open the doors once it started floating (easier said than done I know)

Landy boys would have got wet back at the start!

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Re: A word of warning

Post by Ieuan » Sun May 05, 2013 11:09 am

I love green laning, but would never ever even consider crossing that river, wat an idiot.....always know your limits! Plenty of good nice green lanes around Somerset and further afield in Wiltshire, although many now blocked off due to inconsiderate 4x4ers that go off the track and give us all a bad name.

I've got stuck a few time....ruts are an issue, but always go with at least one more vehicle tow ropes, spade, saw (overhanging branches)...mobile, jack, some planks (I've had to jack my old landie a few time to get out of a rut and plank helpful to put jack on as well as for putting under wheels)....take as much kit as you can :good:

Perhaps we can sort a trip/day out in Wiltshire this summer?

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