Indian chief (1991)rear half shafts

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Re: Indian chief (1991)rear half shafts

Post by cheiftain » Fri Jul 11, 2014 2:01 pm

good news. :thumbsup: you must let us know how you get on with the shaft.
remember bearing load adjustment is done by adding or subtracting shims from behind the brake hub. :cool:
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Re: Indian chief (1991)rear half shafts

Post by bigbough » Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:23 am

bigbough wrote:
cheiftain wrote:
bigbough wrote:Thanks Chris . The only problem I see with USA ordering is the say drivers side I have asked them do they mean left or right hand drive but they havn`t answered me and I don`t want to get the wrong one :scratch:
The american Drivers side will be the longest shaft, on a mindie being a right hooker it would be short, just think on our driverside being the US passenger side.

I would just tell them you wanted the long or short shaft, that should clear up any errors on their part. :hello:

Just to thank every one for their help, eventually got the correct one from Morris4x4 and a new brake drum from the Indian fella on e-bay. Must say they were both
very helpful
Thanks again
All I did was put the same amount of shims back in the same order, and place, being a builder and not a mechanic i just thought that would be logical :unsure: Have I made a boob ? :worried:
I put it all back together last August and havn`t had any problems so far :)

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