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Clutch Clutch CLUTCH

Post by Andy4033 » Sat Nov 22, 2014 4:31 pm

Hi All

So today removed the gearbox and had a look at the offending problem, measured checked and measured the distance from bell face to baring face 104mm and spring face to bell mating face 109 5mm difference. The small side springs had not been replaced but the top return spring had but the action was OK. I put the gearbox back in and due to the position of the engine now a little loose i was able to get a finger down and turn the baring by hand, that was until the last few mm then it all went tight. I found a few 2.3 mm washers and set about placing them next to and locking in place with bolts x3 now the baring runs without rubbing the spring face of the clutch cover part. OK.

So tomorrow i will bolt all the bits back on and see if the starter engages with the fly wheel and the clutch works ?????

My only concern is will the 2.3mm gap in bell housing to engine be a problem in normal use without driving in wast deep water, as the rubber cover for the push rod was little more useless and let S*** in all the time but was still dry inside when we remover it.

So what happened top the 5mm difference i here you ask GOD only knows

Watch this space


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