Fitting 6 stud wheels !

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Fitting 6 stud wheels !

Post by CompoSimmonite » Sun Dec 28, 2014 10:13 am

I want some plain, rather than alloy or sculptured steel, wheels. Other than genuine Jeep items only option seems to be from US vans / trucks and of course that wouldn't be easy either.
The other day I was looking at PCD adapters to allow fitment of Land Rover wheels and came across adapters to enable the common 6x139.7 PCD of Japanese 4x4's to fit 5x139.7 hubs.
This has got me thinking and it'd be easy to remove 4 of the Mahindra wheel studs and redrill 5 different holes in the hubs to take the 6 stud wheels (obviously one original stud can stay in place).
Massive choice of wheels with the 6x139.7 PCD on eBay. 15", 16" and even 17" sizes available in steel.
Quick look shows Ford Ranger discs might also be suitable - or at least a scrap disc could be used as a redrilling guide.

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