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oil alternatives

Post by stephen » Tue Sep 15, 2015 2:22 pm

Gidday crew, :wave:

I thought this might be of interest

Recently, I flicked an email to Penrite, as their website has engine oils listed for the gearbox and transfer case. :scratch:
I sent the tech' fella a copy of the Aussie Mahindra CJ340DP lubrication schedule to help determine if the website was right.
Their tech' spec' fella "Alan" [with a name like that he must be a good bloke] :cool: replied, telling me not to panic - there was no mistake :good:

cut and pasted his reply........

Thanks for the attachment. [the lube guide]
You’ll notice that for the differentials they call for SAE 90, hypoid type, and underneath put ‘EP’ ie with Extreme Pressure additive –hence our recommendation for a modern gear/diff oil (Gear Oil 80W-90).

For gearbox the reference is different, more basic. Current ISUZU or Holden often take an engine oil in the gearbox, so this is not alarming in the least for a vehicle from 1991. HPR Diesel (20W-60) or HPR 30 will do the job. We also have a dedicated gear oil with comparable viscosity and the same GL-1 rating (GL-1 may be translated as ‘bugger all’). This gear oil is Transoil 90. I’d just use HPR Diesel.

Transfer Case >>> as for gearbox.

Be aware that gear oil numbers and engine oil numbers are on different scales…a bit like Fahrenheit/Centigrade. An SAE 50 engine oil and an SAE 90 gear oil are very close to each other in viscosity.

You could use Gear Oil 140 in the steering, in our climate.
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