Solenoid and starter motor

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Solenoid and starter motor

Post by Andy4033 » Sat Feb 27, 2016 3:54 am

Hi all long time no read.
Well life over here in France gose on, things get old and die, and so replacements are needed. And on that note so my Solenoid has finally give up the gost. Where is the best place to get a replacement where the vender will be able to recognise my one and not just look at me like I'm stupid ie French Peugeot Garage here.

Also just a thought untill I do find a replacement is it possible to weld the terminal shut and start the engine by putting a switch in line to battery something like a boat battery selector made for 1000 amps??? The engine only ever needs 2 turns to start even when not run for a month.

With anticipated reply (stupid man) or the like. I thank you in advance for any replies and thoughts on my problem
Thanks Andy
Ps will try and attch a picture

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Re: Solenoid and starter motor

Post by cheiftain » Sun Feb 28, 2016 12:11 am

Best bet send an email to Ahmed india new solenoid are available.
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