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Re: Model ident and wiring etc

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 2:40 pm
by stephen
virtually all parts are available from "Ahmed" who is based in India, his contact details are somewhere on this forum [someone will chime in and point you towards him].
Ahmed's prices are decent, and he has proven to be very reliable to many of us here.

Yours looks to be the "Stockman" version - base model no radio, lowback standard seats, 7.5 x 16 rims with olde schoole crossply off road tyres.
Originally intended to be sold to farmers, prospectors, station owners, doggers, [hunting the feral dogs that plague the stations] hunters, beach fishermen etc.
The "posh" yuppy model was the "Bushranger", came with aftermarket rally seats, stereo, sunraisia steel wheels [with too much offset] fat rubber, and flash-[er] paintjob.

I don't think your seats are original - the frame that bolts to the floor looks correct, so I guess a previous owned fitted the sliders and seats from something that looks a damn sight more comfortable than the originals. If they fit and leave you with satisfactory legroom - keep them!!

The brake booster was an optional extra - usually supplied in a cardboard box chucked in the back!
I have only ever seen them connected to the front brakes / rear brakes as far as I know were not power assisted.

Your mindie looks to be in pretty damn good nick - just needing fairly minor reassembly - bolt the seats back in, grab handles, dashboard etc.
As you now realise - the demister was cobbled together at short notice, it was an effort to get them past Australian regulations [it worked].
The bonnet is not original - it has "willys" stampings [most likely a Phillipino M.D. Juan reproduction]

You are missing the bracket for the spare wheel carrier - shouldn't be hard to either buy or make.

The dashboard instrument panels, being of plastic - pretty much fall to bits due to sun damage, [well....our Aussie sun can be pretty ferocious] yours looks to be in sound condition so at a guess it has been stored indoors for most of it's life.

Tail lights were off the shelf Hella units - square shaped combination assemblies which had indicator, brake, tail.

Headlights are off the shelf - mini moke, commercial vehicles like busses, and are still in production.

Front indicators and sidelights are mounted on the front of the fenders, again - standard rectangular hella's.

As for workshop manuals - the owner of the forum sells the best version you will find, [proceeds go towards running this forum] but if he chimes in and for some reason says he cannot supply - as long as he approves, I don't mind sending you a copy of the Aussie dealership's workshop manual [on disk]

Re: Model ident and wiring etc

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 2:58 pm
by mungamax
Hello Stephen
Ok, some work has been done by a previous owner. The "Willys" bit, is in fact a piece let into what looks like the original bonnet. I think these had twin tanks and fillers, but this one only has the left hand one, the other hole being welded up.
If you can take some photos of your seat frames and cushions, I can try and see what i can get in UK.
I have a superb welder friend who has offered to make a metal instrument pod.
I don't have any history for the Jeep, as I bought it from a dealer. He had taken it as part of a deal, and wanted shot of it.
I have been trying to find what I can about the engine, and I have found it's the basis of a Volvo Penta marine unit.
The wiring is a total mess, but as my job is radio/electronics, that should not be a problem once I know what the relays etc do.
As the wheels are 750, is the speedo the same as other Mahindra jeeps?
It's been fitted with huge square mirrors on the upper part of the screen. These are more than big enough for a very large truck! :lol:


Re: Model ident and wiring etc

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 3:36 pm
by stephen
there should be a 40 litre diesel tank under the passenger seat, and a 20 litre under the drivers seat.

the passenger tank is the main tank, and feeds directly to the filters and engine.
the drivers tank is the reserve, and gets pumped into the main tank via a dashboard switch and electric pump.

If the tanks are missing, reproductions are available.
As a cocky-fix [a farmers scratch built alternative], I have seen plastic boat tanks strapped under seats, and custom sheet metal tanks made [using rusted out originals for the pattern] with varying degrees of success.
Most impressive :rolleyes: a pair of tanks were cobbled up from sheet steel and mounted over the rear wheel tub - kinda-sorta triangular in shape, protected by the tubes of the roll cage which it was strapped to.
One advantage to this one was with the triangular tanks being mounted higher, it gave the engine a gravity fed supply of diesel, and there was now room under the seats for important stuff like kelpie, beer and ammo. :cool:
my seats are the aftermarket "sparco" brand rally style seats - from the bushranger version, different and much dodgier] mountings to yours - and to be truthful - I would much rather have your seats!
I am told that some type of old morris [possibly mini!] seats fit well onto the original mountings of yours - and are much more comfortable that the dodgy originals.

The "willys" bonnet infills are available as an aftermarket item from several sources.
originally, CJ3B jeeps that were given away by the USA as military or civilian aid were not allowed to be brand marked, so many bonnets and tailgates are blank.
Mahindra's license to manufacture stated they could not be branded as jeeps, willys, or sold anywhere that might compete with USA jeep sales, so our mindies are blank as well.

The CJ340DP model translates as "Civilian Jeep, 3 [as in 3b], 4.0 series Diesel Peugeot engine".
This engine has been either built under license, or used by many companies around the world - I think volvo used them too - and one of theirs may have been used to replace your original engine.

The gearbox is a KIA developed 4 speed version of the old 3 speed jeep gearbox - ratios are better suited to the diesel engine.
The transfer case has the 1 1'4" shaft and more roller bearings compared to the earlier versions.
Overdrives are available from "hermtheoverdriveguy"
Both front and rear diffs are DANA 44. ratios are intended for pulling tree stumps, towing plows, and chasing mountain goats.

Better dashboard instrument panels are available in steel - the original gauges fit them perfectly, but you will need your welder mate to fill in some of the huge rectangular hole in the dash panel.
Speedo should be fine - but these mindies are geared for agricultural and industrial use - not cruising at highway speeds!

The main reason sales were dismal in Australia is that buyers expeted to be able to drive at our 110km limit - but the gearing is suited to 80-ish.
Many engines died much earlier than they should have. :cray:
The same mugs expected to stop when they applied the brakes, and for the steering wheel to be attached to the front wheels too.....[fussy buggers] :rolleyes:

Re: Model ident and wiring etc

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:33 pm
by mungamax
Hello Stephen
I forgot, no tool box behind the seats. The engine is original, and the XDP type. I just could not find info, but as I said Volvo Penta used the same engine to make a marine unit.
The seats in mine are shoot, as ripped and left out in the rain! I only have the drivers seat base, and that has had the back cut off.
Not worried about speed, as I also have a couple of 1960's Land Rovers! Same with brakes, send a postcard to say you want to stop.
The one tank should be fine, and i don't want to do too much work putting it back to factory spec. Just make it drive-able and as safe as I can.
This is going to be more for my wife (American), who wanted a Jeep to drive in the summer. :banghead: And put our retired police German Shepard in.
At the moment, I am just at the stage of getting info, and finding parts etc.
Do you know if other versions use the same canvas and frame arrangement? Mine is missing.
The other thing I can't find out is which screen seal to use. I asked a supplier in UK, and he had no idea which to use. Also, do you know where or do you have a maker and part number for the wiper arms, mine are missing. As the spindles are well ahead of the screen, these must be an odd shape.


Re: Model ident and wiring etc

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:35 am
hi the original seats are called kab or cab seats they were a universal seat older buses trucks . the windscreen can be cut buy a plant glazing firm . the window rubber used to be called clarion wright I used to fit and use this rubber 40 years ago so don't no if the name has changed . did you get your wheels , the 5 still on ebay 225 ono . let us no the spares you need I no he has the wheel carrier new and gear garter covers plus lode of other stuff

Re: Model ident and wiring etc

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:50 am
by stephen
A quick google found these -give Ahmed a call and see if he can supply.

CJ gauge panel ... SwgKRb0D2h

DATA plates [might be able to supply Mahindra versions] ... SwydpZeynq

Windshield seal ... Sw4Vpbyu5M

Wiper arms [pair] ... SwyH5bj6iO

Rear corner handles ... Sw7Vdbj41e

Re: Model ident and wiring etc

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:52 am
by mungamax
Thank you both for all the info. I was planning to get some time at the boat yard to and start making a list of bits needed. But it's pouring with rain, high winds, with gusts up to 60MPH. So I think it will have to wait till another day.
Yes, I did sort the wheels out. The old ones where rotten for some odd reason, like the Jeep had stood in salt water for a long time.

Cheers and have fun

Re: Model ident and wiring etc

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:48 am
hi please ad more pictures when you can it always great to see other peoples jeep have you looks thought the gallery :hello: :hello:

Re: Model ident and wiring etc

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:54 am
by mungamax
Hello Grandad
Ok, I will try and take more photos as soon as I can. Yours looks good, and the hardtop and door must make it a much more practical.


Re: Model ident and wiring etc

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:20 pm
by mungamax
I contacted the chap in India, but he is not sure if the wiper arms he has on Ebay will fit the Jeep I have. I gave him the model number etc, but he has asked for a photo of the ones fitted to mine. But none are fitted, so I can't do that! Has anyone a photo of the wipers on the JM340, or have anyone bought wipers that fit from Ahmed and have a part number please?

Thank you

Re: Model ident and wiring etc

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:17 am
by stephen
Several of the blokes on this forum have done a "top-chop" to their mindies - to make WW2 jeep lookalikes, there is a fair chance they might have the discarded wiper arms stashed away.

At least one forum member has removed the original wipers, wiper motor, and did what his missus referred to as a "mastectomy" to the lumps that the wiper pivots protrude through.
Then he mounted marine windscreen wipers directly to the windscreen frame - to make it easier to drop the windscreen flat.

Stick a notice in the wanted section- something might surface.