Yesterday called to help

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Yesterday called to help

Post by cheiftain » Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:18 pm

Isn't it grand, Anglia water service van stuck in the mud at our treatment plant, driver phones base who sends out a Merc flat bed with Hi-Ab on the tail to get him out. OH joy,

2 trucks now stuck. walking back with the dog I see their predicament and offer to go get the Mindie. thinking it will be a laugh.

Very amazed drivers and by-standers as Miss Siagon grunts a bit and pulls out the Merc to the safety of the main road, Back into the mire for the Transit Van in to its front sub frame, Front wheel drive Vans are really pants, a couple of mins with the spade, strop attached and out it came. Thank the Lord for 2.5 ltr. Mindies.

Merc driver did take some pics so if and when he send them to me will post here for your amusement. :hello:
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