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Post by Alan » Thu Nov 03, 2016 4:21 pm

Tapatalk is an app for mobile phones that lets you view forums like this this more easily on a mobile. This brings with it a few security issues. The vendor of the app usually kept up with them and I updated as and when it was needed but in recent times this has not been happening.

Now the app is being listed as malware due to its vulnerabilities and as a result phpBB who write the base code I use for the forum have decided they no longer support its use and have withdrawn from providing plug-ins to make it work. I can still get plug-ins either by using other peoples code or writing it myself but this again potentially introduces even more security issues.

I am now making the decision to remove its functionality from the site and then remove the pieces of code that make it work.

Sorry to the folks that use the app but the integrity of the site comes first. If the app is deemed OK in the future I may re-introduce the code again but for now its too risky.


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