How to Register - you need to register to post in the forums

You must register to view all the forums. Please read the instructions.
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How to Register - you need to register to post in the forums

Post by Alan » Mon Mar 31, 2008 1:15 am

Now you found us, you need to register to see the forums.

Use the 'Register' button at the top, left, under the picture. ;)

Fill in the required details and submit them.

The system will then send you an email to activate your account, so make sure you type it correctly. The mailing is usually instant, but please allow up to 24 hours.

If you think it didn't work, check that the email didn't get sent to your SPAM folder.

Use the link in the email to return to the site and that's it, your registered and can access all the forums and links.

AOL users please note that the link in the email will not be 'clickable' because AOL actively block links in email. Copy the entire link into your web browser and press enter.

If all else fails email me

Alan :good:

**Please note**
Your first posts on the forum will not show until approved by an admin. This is an anti spam measure and not a reflection on you. Once you are identified as a 'real' person your posts will appear as normal.